Carpet Cleaning

Your carpets are the most frequently used items in the house. This is especially true when you have little kids spending an incredible amount of time on the floor. Even if you don’t share your home with children and pets, don’t wear shoes inside, and rarely eat anything in carpeted areas, you would be so surprised to see what is hiding down in the fibers. Your carpets act as an air filter that collects all allergens floating around in the air, such as human hair, dander, dead skin cells, and small bugs.

Vacuuming does not completely remove the dirt from the carpets and improper steam cleaning might lead to mold growth under the surface. Only professional machines can fully absorb all the steam’s moisture from the fibers and extract deep dust and dirt particles.

Don’t turn your home into an incubator for bacteria and mold growth - schedule a professional cleaning at least once a year to protect your health and preserve the quality of your carpets! We use eco-friendly cleaning products that will sanitize your home and keep your family safe from toxins and irritants.

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