Pet Odor/Stain Removal

Pet odor is caused by several factors, pet dander, pet hair which contains odor causing oils, feces and pet urine.

We offer three levels of pet treatment:

  1. Topical Treatment: We apply pet treatment topically to the carpet, agitate with counter rotating brushes to remove pet hair, then we clean the carpet with hot water and deodorizer.
  2. Deep level Treatment: We locate the soiled spot with a UV light, saturate the carpet and padding with pet treatment, then we use a water claw to flush out urine, followed by regular carpet cleaning using hot water extraction.
  3. Padding Removal Treatment: We lift the carpet, remove/replace the padding, seal the subfloor, then treat and clean the carpet with pet treatment.

If you’re unsure of which service you need, our technicians are there to assess your needs.

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