Window Cleaning




Window Cleaning

We clean windows using two different methods - Traditional Method and Water-Fed Pole.

Traditional Method

  1. Mop glass with window cleaning solution.
  2. Agitate glass to release stubborn dirt and grime
  3. Use squeegee to remove cleaning solution from glass
  4. Wipe down edges, tracks and window sills

Water-Fed Pole

  • • We clean windows using a water-fed pole with a brush or pad using water from our filtration system to remove minerals and impurities. This process does not leave streaks or hard water spots.

The method used to clean the windows depends on various (you only list two so I don’t recommend using "several") aspect such as accessibility, difficulty and dangerous conditions that could result in injury. Both methods are accepted as professional window cleaning processes. We don’t consider professional the use of ammonia-based products and rags to clean windows as professional cleaning because this process leaves an alkaline residue on the glass which oxidizes after 24 hours and leaves streaks.

Our pricing is based on the number of panels to be cleaned as one window might have several panels which increases labor. Additional charges may apply to windows with mineral or paint on glass.

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