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When you walk on carpeted office floors in day and day out, it’s easy to take them for granted. However, the state of your carpets can impact the safety of your workplace and the productivity of your employees. Dirty carpets can cause health issues and drag down the ambiance of your working space. Unfortunately, your regular office cleaners may not be up to the task. For a happier, healthier team and office, it’s best to hire commercial cleaning in Tacoma for your carpet maintenance.

Benefits of Commercial Carpet Cleaning for Offices

So many things contribute to dirty carpets— the dirt and grime from shoes, spills, dust from the indoor air, and more. Many offices, especially those that don’t have an in-house cleaner and rely on the building maintenance crew, tend to ignore the importance of cleaning carpets. At best, the carpet may get vacuumed on a scheduled basis; at worst, it may never receive a thorough cleaning.

The bad news is that your team can eventually get sick from dirty carpets—they can trigger respiratory issues. Drab floors can also demotivate your team and repel potential clients.

Keep your carpets in top condition by hiring professional cleaning services in Washington. They bring benefits you will not get with average cleaning services:

Complete removal of bacteria and dirt

It takes more than just a quick vacuuming session to clean carpets in an entire office. Vacuuming only removes surface dust. Over time, all that dirt, grime, and bacteria become embedded in the turf fibers and can create disgusting odors, trigger allergies or asthma.

In large cities, frequently there are homeless people, that urinate and defecate on the streets. On top of that, more people are choosing to have pets, which means they are taking their dogs out to the street to relieve themselves twice a day. That could create a lot of urine and fecal matter which could be tracked into workspaces!

Our professional carpet cleaners use heavy-duty equipment that eliminates the dirt and bacteria from the deepest fiber layers, leaving them clean and odor-free.

Comprehensive stain and spill clean-up

Another essential benefit of carpet cleaning services in Seattle and Tacoma, WA, is how effectively they can remove even the toughest stains, such as:

  • Coffee
  • Ink
  • Red Food Stains
  • Pet stains, if you have office pets

They use specialized techniques, including a hot water method and industrial-strength cleaning approach that simplify the tasks. After the pros finish cleaning your carpets, you never have to worry about the same unsightly spots on your floors or repulsive smells in stained areas.

No residue left behind

Some old carpet cleaning machines leave residues behind, be it in the form of suds, wet spots, or even stains. This issue is common in offices without a dedicated cleaning team. No need to hire your maintenance employees for a thorough clean thanks to our commercial cleaning in Tacoma!

These cleaning specialists can restore your carpets to excellent condition using commercial cleaning products and carpet cleaning equipment that will never leave residue behind.

The chemicals we use are safe and environmentally friendly, this means no harsh vapors in office after the cleaning has been done. This is great for people with respiratory issues, like asthma. We see many carpet cleaners using harsh chemicals. Carpets should smell fresh after the cleaning, not like someone sprayed a pesticide!

Professional Carpet Cleaning for Offices and Businesses

Modern equipment, commercial cleaning products, and skilled cleaners with years of experience – that’s what All Building Services, LLC brings to every job. It’s important to hire a professional, a certified carpet cleaner can identify the type of carpet, use the appropriate cleaning method and suggest a proper maintenance schedule for your business.

Whether you need window washing or carpet cleaning for your office, or spring cleaning for your home, we got you covered. We make it convenient to get the affordable and top-quality cleaning you deserve: Book your service online today!