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During the current COVID-19 pandemic people are trying to reduce the risk of being exposed to the virus as much as possible. Big and small businesses, factories, public schools, libraries, and restaurants temporarily shut down to slow the spread of infection. Everyone is doing their best to make life safe: washing their hands regularly, maintaining social distancing, working remotely from home. Whether you are a business owner or a property manager of residential or commercial development, you might have been thinking about what needs to be done to get everything in place to reopen right after coronavirus-related closures. It is essential to make sure that your employees feel safe coming back to work and sharing their workspace with others. In this case, it would be necessary to perform a deep-cleaning and disinfection of the whole area from top to bottom, especially if someone, either a customer or an employee, had come into contact with the virus and tested positive.

Everything, from door handles and faucets, to cubicle workstations and furniture, needs to be thoroughly cleaned with select disinfecting chemicals that meet the EPA’s criteria used by hospitals. Germs need to be killed from all shared surfaces and high-touch objects such as in-room phones, cords, keyboards, tablets, counters, tabletops, and chairs.

It is essential to disinfect the guest and employee restrooms, as they do not get proper cleaning if cleaned by a janitor only. Standard cleaning just makes the space look “clean” but does not kill germs and viruses living on surfaces. The All Building Services, LLC team is trained to perform professional cleaning for both residential and commercial properties. The chemical products we use meet EPA’s requirements for use against SARS-CoV-2, which causes COVID-19. Our specialists are trained on safety issues and wear proper personal protective equipment such as hazmat suits, full-face respirators, rubber boots, gloves, and use other safety supplies to protect themselves from injury or infection. We are fully prepared to assist you with any leaning challenge and make your working space safe again for your employees and visitors!

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