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Many businesses are now gearing up to reopen after the nationwide COVID-19 shutdown. Before welcoming back your clients and employees, make sure your establishment follows strict cleaning and sanitation protocols to reduce exposure to the virus.

Along with social distancing, regular handwashing, and other coronavirus-related safety precautions, it is a good idea to hire us for commercial cleaning in Tacoma to deep-clean your premises before opening for business.

Why Regular Cleaning is Not Enough Against COVID-19 Virus

Cleaning is not rocket science, but it is a science.

Disinfecting and cleaning are not the same; unfortunately, many cleaners are unaware of this.  You can only disinfect a clean surface.

When dealing with a highly infectious virus, conventional cleaning methods just won’t do. Here is why:

  • When an infected person exhales or coughs, they release droplets of contaminated fluid.
  • These droplets fall on nearby objects – such as desks, door handles, keyboards, chairs, phones, and other office equipment.
  • People can become infected after touching contaminated objects, then touching their nose, mouth, or eyes.

Because of the high risk of infection in shared spaces, it is critical to disinfect business establishments as thoroughly as possible. Disinfecting should be done not just when you reopen, but regularly during the pandemic shut down to protect yourself, your employees, and customers.

Advantages of Commercial Cleaning Services During COVID-19 Emergency

Unfortunately, most people do not have the specialized skills, equipment, and cleaning know-how required to disinfect their premises effectively. This situation is where commercial cleaning services in Washington can come into help.

Professional cleaners know how to correctly deep clean and disinfect commercial establishments. They use EPA-approved disinfectants against COVID-19, which are similar to those used in hospitals.

Additionally, professional cleaning companies are fully trained in strict safety protocols. These protocols include wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) to prevent infection and injury. Finally, they can do the job much more efficiently, which means you can get back to business in less time – with full confidence and total peace of mind.

All Building Services, LLC: Your Ally in the Fight Against COVID-19

The entire All Building Services, LLC team is committed to helping businesses protect themselves against the threat of COVID-19. We work in many types of commercial establishments, including gyms, restaurants, schools, retail centers, and apartment buildings within the greater Seattle, Bellevue, and Tacoma areas.

When you call us for commercial and carpet cleaning services in Seattle, WA, you get:

  • A highly trained commercial cleaning team with many years of experience
  • EPA-compliant cleaning materials and chemicals powerful enough against SARS-CoV-2 viruses like COVID-19
  • Safety protocols that can include wearing PPEs such as full-face respirators, hazmat suits, gloves, rubber boots, and other safety equipment to protect both our team and our clients
  • Exceptional customer service

Aside from disinfecting all hard and soft surfaces, we can also help you remove contaminated items for disposal.

Finally, we also offer a health care facility and medical office cleaning services. We use anti-bacterial methods and materials specially designed for the medical setting, such as the use of color coding procedures to control bacterial transmission.

No matter what kind of commercial cleaning service you need, trust your All Building Services, LLC cleaning team to get it done. Book your service online!