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Why would anyone ever need to hire a professional cleaning company? People have been cleaning buildings of all kinds for as long as anyone can remember, so what is the big deal with cleaning a home or office? What does a professional cleaning company do differently from what you, me, or granny does?

These are questions people ask about cleaning companies as a whole. Most people who have ever tried to hire a cleaning company often feel like, barring their lack of time, they could do the job a professional cleaner does. They don’t see professional cleaning as a specialty but as something anyone could do.

Is this perception correct?

The two types of cleaning

To answer the question, it is important to define what cleaning means to different people.

For the average person – everyone who is not a professional cleaner – a space is deemed to be clean when there is the absence of dirt that can be seen, felt, or smelled. Our standard for cleanliness is met when a space looks clean and tidy.

For professional cleaners, a space is deemed to be clean when it is actually clean. What does this mean? A room may look clean because there is no visible dirt around and our noses don’t pick up any foul odors but this doesn’t mean an absence of germs, toxins, and allergens in the area.

Basically, one type of cleaning focuses on creating the appearance of being clean, while the other is by following strict guidelines ensures that the home or office is factually clean. The difference between the two can have a huge impact on the wellbeing of people in the space.

The truth about cleaning a modern home or office

Back in the day, our grandmothers took care of all of a home’s cleaning needs and there are people who still do this today. There is nothing wrong with that. However, as Windermere Management points out, cleaning a modern home is a very different proposition from cleaning the type of homes our grandparents lived in.

Modern homes or offices are different from gran’s place in, at least, four important ways:

  • • There was a relatively low incidence of respiratory diseases or challenges. People did not have to deal with the allergy and asthma problems that we face today. So ridding their homes of pollen, dust mites, and other allergens was not such a big issue.
  • • Homes in the past were made from basic materials, compared to the materials we use today. Modern homes are filled with natural and synthetic materials that require special cleaning procedures. Each material has its unique cleaning routine and there are usually a lot of these different materials in our homes.
  • • In addition to the multiplicity of materials and their unique care instructions, there is also a proliferation of cleaning solutions and methods. Matching a specific material to the right cleaning solution and method is a complicated and time-consuming process.
  • • We live in a global world that is far different from granny’s world. And we have to deal with strange germs and viruses which our bodies may not be equipped to handle. The cleaning methods we use determine if these microbes have access to us or not.

Without knowing it, we have created a living space that is completely different from the homes of the past. And to keep in step with our new environments, the way we clean those spaces must also evolve to match the needs of our new living spaces.

Professional cleaners have the training, equipment, and experience to deal with the myriad of challenges that cleaning a modern home can throw up. When you hire a professional cleaning company, here are just a few of the benefits you can expect.

Benefits of hiring a professional cleaning company

    1. Five-star cleaning
      Professional cleaners go over-and-beyond your expectations when they clean. They change linens, dust, mop, polish, vacuum, and leave your home or office looking like a five-star hotel room. They make the place look clean and actually clean it.
    2. They save you money
      Most people do not recognize the power that dust, grime, and bacteria have to break down the materials in their homes. Lingering dirt on the surfaces of items and areas of the home will break them down faster than actual use. Professional cleaning rids the home of these agents of degradation.
    3. Enhanced productivity
      By saving you time and providing a clean and uncluttered space that facilitates creative thinking, professional cleaners help to improve your performance. Employees in clean offices are noticeably happier and more positive than those in badly-cleaned ones.
    4. Protect you and your family’s health
      By disinfecting the surfaces in the home, a professional cleaner erects a barrier around your home and protects the occupants from disease-causing germs. In the office, employees fall sick less often and at home, children do not need to visit the hospital as frequently.

With the average home in the Seattle area costing $813,154, the last thing you want to do is endanger that investment by cleaning the home the wrong way. Contact us today; protect your home and your loved ones!